River Park

River Park

Ophrys holosericea
parco fluviale I Meandri CAVALIERI D'ITALIA
parco fluviale I Meandri

River Park, a corner of nature, guardian of rare species and biodiversity

A stone’s throw from Forlimpopoli, this natural oasis is perfect for a regenerating break amid lush greenery and is easy to reach on the road to Meldola. Stretches of water, orchids, vegetation overhanging the river and ponds filled with amphibians and wading birds make this 230-hectare area a veritable treasure trove of biodiversity, which is recognised on a European level as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) known as “Meandri del Fiume Ronco”. It has water basins, created by human activity, which are fundamental for the reproduction and survival of its avifauna and amphibians. The park is home to hygrophilous species such as black and white poplars and willows, numerous protected species of fish such as roach, minnow and barbel, amphibians such as newts, reptiles such as now extremely rare pond turtles and countless mammals, ranging from skunks to roe deer, porcupines and badgers. Over 80 species of bird nest here, including kingfishers, little bitterns and pygmy cormorants, and even more come to the wet areas of the complex without reproducing. The area also has important archaeological and historical features, including Villa Paulucci and its adjacent gardens, Spinadello Aqueduct, the Roman bridge and Doria canal with its numerous mills.

During the year, the “I Meandri” association organises walks and cycle rides, including some subject to booking.
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