domenica 19 Maggio 2024

Discover why Forlimpopoli is the town of Pellegrino Artusi

The town of Pellegrino Artusi


Pellegrino Artusi is Italian cuisine. His 790 carefully prepared recipes are parsimonious, tasty and give importance to hygiene in the kitchen. They are still topical today, conditioning the way food is prepared.

A town of Art and History


The people of the Roman town of Forum Popili produced valuable amphorae for wine and oil; the Rocca (fortress) testifies a past of bloody battles; the Teatro Verdi (theatre) is the place the famous highwayman, il Passatore, chose that unforgettable evening…Discover the treasures of the town.

A town of events


Gastronomy, art, history, culture, music, traditions: Forlimpopoli has events for all palates – even the most refined – to savour all year round. Here’s a taster…

A hospitable town


Forlimpopoli offers a range of accommodation for those wishing to discover its rich artistic-cultural heritage, and there is somewhere for everyone. Without forgetting good cuisine, ever present in the town of Artusi.

Shopping Pellegrino


The historical centre of Forlimpopoli, so intimate and characteristic, lends itself to the ‘wanderings’ of those looking for tasteful, quality products, which they will find in the shops and typical goods sold here. A different experience to simply ‘doing the shopping’.