Forlimpopoli, a town of events

Forlimpopoli, a town of events

Those who go to taverns will get an idea of the huge variety of different tastes people have.

      Pellegrino Artusi, Recipe no.247

A packed year. Forlimpopoli, jealous warden of century-old traditions it keeps alive by organising popular events along with new proposals, fruit of the lively activity of the town’s groups and associations.

Our most important events

  • Festa Artusiana ( — 9 days during the second half of June devoted to celebrating Pellegrino Artusi and home cookery: cheap, hygienic and tasty.
  • Segavecchia ( — held halfway through Lent, it is the town’s most famous, most long-lived feast. A rite of passage which, with the ceremony of ‘cutting open the old woman’ finally abandons the winter and hails springtime, bringer of regeneration and prosperity.
  • Un dè int la Ròca ad Frampúl (A day in the fortress of Forlimpopoli, — a Renaissance feast held during the second week in September to commemorate the return of Brunoro II Zampeschi, Lord of Forlimpopoli at the time, from a victorious war campaign. An opportunity to discover, experience (and eat) like people did in the mid-sixteenth century.
  • Buonanotte Suonatori  ( An event that began as the end-of-year performance by the students of the “Scuola di Musica Popolare” of Forlimpopoli has grown over the years to become, to all intents and purposes, a village fete.
  • Festival di musica popolare ( — long-standing appointment held at the end of August with the very best players of international folk music.
  • Forlimpopoli Didjin’Oz ( — a one of a kind music event devoted to Australian aboriginal culture and its influence on music all over the world.
  • ARTUSIjazz ( – Inaugurated in 2009 by the “Dai de Jazz” Cultural Association in Forlimpopopli as part of the Artusi Festival, this is one of the most popular jazz music events in Italy.

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