Forlimpopoli, a town for living well

Forlimpopoli, a town for living well

I love the beautiful and the delicious, wherever they may be found.

      Pellegrino Artusi, Preface

The town of Forlimpopoli looks to the future and promotes good practices in a range of different ways for the welfare of both individuals and the town as a whole.

Environmental and energetic sustainability

  • Door to door separate waste collection throughout the area as of 2006: every year Forlimpopoli is rated as being one of the Italian councils that recycles the most (download the Legambiente ratings).
  • Plan for Environmental and Energetic Sustainability for the Town, committed to taking action to save energy, pollute less and increase the quality of life.
  • Adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors,
  • Participation at PAES (Piano di Azione per l’Energia Sostenibile – Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy).
  • Production of 100 kWp of solar energy which it reuses in its buildings; the hot water for sports structures and schools is produced using solar panels.
  • Incentives for those who undertake to build in an environmentally-friendly way by following specific regulations; building of the new gym and new schools in compliance with environmentally-friendly building criteria.
  • Park in the town centre.
  • Project for a river park along the Fiume Ronco (river) where there is a site of importance for the community (Read more).
  • Increase in the public areas of greenery by planting a new tree for each baby born (in association with environmental associations).


  • Development of the network of cycle tracks which connect the centre to the hamlets.
  • Piedibus: 5 lines organised and managed by the Parents’ Committee of the comprehensive school (Read more).
  • Voluntary adhesion to the Agreement for the Programme for the Quality of the Air.

Health and lifestyles

  • A.F.A. Attività Fisica Adattata Project (Adapted Physical Activity), for elderly people funded by the prevention of disability.
  • Market of organic produce: every Thursday in Piazza Paolucci, in association with the Associazione Antichi Sapori & Vecchi Mestieri of Romagna.
  • Organic canteen for school meals, with locally produced foods.