Forlimpopoli, the town of Pellegrino Artusi

Forlimpopoli, the town of Pellegrino Artusi

Cooking's a rogue. It will often, and indeed gladly, drive you to distraction but can also give enormous pleasure, that is because the time you do get it right or overcome one difficulty or another you get an immense feeling of satisfaction and can sing victory.

     Pellegrino Artusi, Preface

The name Artusi is synonymous with Italian cuisine, proof of this being one of the English translations of his cooking manual entitled Italianissimo! Italian cooking at its best.

In the fifteen editions of La Scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) published between 1891 and 1911, Artusi marks out the profile of Italian gastronomy.

Artusi is national cuisine because he makes conscious use of language, in an Italy in which ‘after the unification of the homeland, it seemed a logical consequence to consider unifying the spoken word.’

Artusi is home cooking, parsimonious, attentive to hygiene and good taste, what we would all like to achieve when preparing a dish of one thing or another today.

For all these reasons, Artusi is the ‘ensign’ of cookery, of painstaking care and attention to beauty and flavour and this is what makes him topical, always.

Artusi was from Forlimpopoli.

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