Forlimpopoli, a town of food culture

Forlimpopoli, a town of food culture

As nutrition is the primary necessity of life, it is reasonable to try and do it to satisfy one's needs as best as possible.

      Pellegrino Artusi, Recipe no.9

As Professor Massimo Montanari teaches us, any gesture linked to the kitchen, however simple, carries with it a complex culture. Indeed, the production, preparation and consumption of food invent and transform the world.

Our plates carry the ideas of a future that each of us contributes to building.

Respect for the environment, giving value to the diversity, knowledge and promotion of different lands are just a few of the features of the flavours we savour.

Forlimpopoli promotes a social environment, the protection and promotion of that which the land offers, through good practice. A commitment which, in the name of Artusi, materialises both in the great Festa Artusiana food festival held at the end of June and in the daily work of Casa Artusi.

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